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Real Mom Review: kidpik

When I had my daughter Macy, one of things I looked forward to when she got older was girls shopping days. I spent my Saturdays growing up perusing stores at the mall and going out to lunch with my mom, grandmother and sister. I wanted to keep the fun tradition going with my own daughter! When Macy reached 8 years old, it was clear the shopping bug had bitten her too! She no longer wanted mom or grandmom to pick out her clothes. She wanted to be fully involved in the process.

Fast forward and she is now almost 10 and even more independent; however, COVID-19 has really put a damper on our girls day out Saturdays. Our family has been pretty conservative with socializing, only shopping at places like grocery stores over the past 6 months. What a bummer this is for a 10 year old girl who loves expressing herself through clothes and accessories!

When kidpik launched a deal on CertifiKID for 50% off your entire first order (keep only what you like) I thought it was a perfect way to bring a little bit of shopping fun right into our home, where we don’t need to worry about social distancing or masks. Plus, I wanted it to be a fun surprise for Macy, who had just started the arduous task of virtual 4th grade.

The kidpik concept is super fun -- go online and take a quick style quiz about your child. Submit it and in about a week you get a box of 7 curated items, including shoes and accessories, delivered to your door. With CertifiKID's deal we got 50% off anything in that first box. WOOT! I figured this would be a great way to get a solid base on Macy’s fall/winter wardrobe.

Our box couldn’t have arrived at a better time -- right when virtual school ended on a Tuesday afternoon when both me and Macy were having a bit of a rough day trying to juggle our “new normal.” I told Macy to close her eyes as I crept outside. She opened the door and beamed with a smile when she saw the box! What kid doesn’t love to receive mail?

Macy had no idea what was inside, so she hurriedly ran to her bedroom to reveal the surprise. That’s when I thought I hit record on my camera phone, but found out later that night that I messed up somewhere as the video never recorded. Total mom fail!! And super bummer because Macy’s reaction was priceless! Her jaw dropped and she squealed with delight! A box filled to the brim with clothes, shoes and accessories selected just for her - what’s not to like?!

We went through the box and “oooohed” and “ahhhhed” at all the items, snapping some pics along the way. Then I explained more to Macy how it worked -- you do not need to keep everything in the box. You pick and choose what you like best and send back the rest - no charge.

We carefully went over each item again and we ultimately decided we liked the “LOVE AND SMILES” sweater, the ruffly floral skirt, and the face mask with mod flowers best. The rest of the items had a lot of sparkle and bling. I was really proud of Macy because she realized she wouldn’t make good use of them during these times of Coronavirus. She’s mostly wearing sweats and t-shirts these days since we don’t really go anywhere.

We tried her favorite items on and the sweater looked absolutely adorable. We both loooove it! Cute design and great message for her friends to see during school Google Meets and it was less than $10 with CertifiKID's deal. The skirt unfortunately was a bit too big … Macy pulled it up and wanted to wear it like a tube top. Palm to forehead!! I was like, no way kiddo! Maybe when you’re 18!

All in all, we kept two items and returned the rest. I was kind of intimidated about the return process but it turns out it was SO easy. The box included an envelope to put all return items in and drop off at any mailbox. It included the postage and you just need to drop it off within 7 days of receiving the box. Even this distracted, crazy busy mom can do that!

Before you drop off the envelope, you log in to kidpik to indicate the items you are keeping or returning. The CertifiKID Stylist code I had previously entered (CK50A) was conveniently preloaded and already there when I signed in. Simply click which items you want to return and which items you want to keep and it calculates your final price as you go. You can also exchange an item for a new size. When you return an item, you indicate why it didn’t work -- Style, Price, Fit, or Quality. I really appreciated this feature because it allowed me to let the kidpik team know that Macy isn’t into the sparkles and glitter.

Overall, our experience with kidpik was great! While I wish Macy could have kept more items, it was a fun treat for her to receive a package in the mail and “go shopping” right in her bedroom.

Her next box is set to arrive in 12 weeks (you can do less time in between boxes if you’d like) and we’re excited to see if they modify the picks to better meet her style. Give it a try for your daughter or son! It costs absolutely nothing to get a box sent.

Happy shopping from home!!


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