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Give the gift of wonder and discovery this year. KiwiCo creates products designed to connect kids and grownups with the inherent wonder of the world — to spark curiosity, kindle creative thinking, inspire problem-solving and encourage exploration through hands-on fun. All KiwiCo projects are designed by in-house experts comprised of educators, makers, engineers, and even rocket scientists (for real!), and tested by kids, so fun and learning is guaranteed. They have shipped over 20 million crates of fun ... and counting!  With this offer get 40% off the first month of any of their subscription lines! KiwiCo offers projects and activities for budding scientists, creators and innovators of all ages and interests, conveniently delivered every month. Choose from the product lines below. There's no long-term commitment; you can cancel your subscription or switch your product line at any time! Panda Crate (Ages 0-24 Mos) Nurture curiosity and creativity in little ones with age-appropriate products that support healthy development and lifelong learning. Koala Crate (Ages 2-4) Encourage hands-on learning and fun through enriching exposure to new materials, tools, techniques, and concepts. Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8) Spark kids’ natural creativity and curiosity with enriching hands-on science and art projects. Atlas Crate (Ages 6-11) Become a global citizen and discover world cultures through immersive, globally inspired projects grounded in STEAM concepts. Doodle Crate (Ages 9-16+) Inspire creativity with fun materials and interesting techniques to build new skills and confidence for young makers. Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+) Discover seriously fun STEM projects designed to develop kids’ natural creativity and curiosity. Maker Crate (Ages 14-104) Discover art and design tools to grow creative confidence and turn artistic visions into design realities. Eureka Crate (Ages 14-104) Inspire kids (and kids at heart) to explore the engineering and design principles behind everyday objects. Don't wait to get the perfect gift. Keep them learning and having fun with a curated crate from KiwiCo. Click HERE or "GET OFFER" button above and use promo code CKID40 for 40% off your first month's subscription.
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Surround yourself with the sights, sounds and experiences of ARTECHOUSE NYC's Celestial opening October 22nd at its New York City space in Chelsea Market. The new installation builds upon ARTECHOUSE’s highly acclaimed exploration of Classic Blue, which kicked off with the immersive event developed for Pantone’s Color of the Year reveal in December 2019, and continued with a blockbuster installation at ARTECHOUSE NYC at the start of 2020. ARTECHOUSE presents the new experience at a moment when Classic Blue has new relevance in New York—as the city and its residents reemerge, reconnect, and innovate, seven months into the pandemic. Celestial is part of Submerge by ARTECHOUSE, a new series of surreal immersive experiences. The inaugural program in the series consists of three distinct installations, one in each ARTECHOUSE space, inspired by Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue. Each location will offer an elemental experience—earth, water, air—related to the unique qualities of Classic Blue, pushing the limits of our perception of the color. Celestial, specifically, draws on Classic Blue’s inspirational qualities to take visitors beyond the skies. Click HERE now and enjoy 20% Off Admission tickets! Celestial is on view October 22nd through January 3rd in Chelsea Market and offers visitors what they've come to expect from ARTECHOUSE, an immersive exhibition that will have guests pushing past the limits of what they thought possible. Please note: Parts of this installation utilize water-based haze special effects. Guests should not stand next to the point of release.
Flat Fee - January feature.
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Across the country, back to school is different this year. Music & Arts is here to help you with continuity of music education with private one-on-one music education. Music & Arts online, private music lesson programs provide students of all ages a way to keep learning in the safety of your own home. Weekly one-on-one instruction taught through their secure online technology by expert, background checked instructors – provides a fun and educational activity for every level of player! Music & Arts is the #1 provider of music lessons and trusted by educators and parents nationwide. You can expect the best in: Customized instruction from our amazing, background checked instructors. Live, interactive lessons with expert instructors. A personalized, secure link for your online lesson – which is recorded for safety. For a limited time, sign up for lessons and save $50 off your first month of in-store or online!
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Are you a thrifty shopper, a coupon clipper, a code-getter, a deal finder? Then like us, you clearly don't like overpaying online. Bring on the savings with Wikibuy! Wikibuy helps you search for incredible deals at jaw-dropping prices across tens of thousands of retailer sites. What is Wikibuy? Wikibuy is a simple, seamless way to save money while you shop online. Forget digging for coupon codes (that don’t work) and searching endlessly for deals (without results). The free Wikibuy browser add-on instantly drops crowd-sourced promo codes into your cart when they are available across thousands of sites, automatically. How does Wikibuy work? Wikibuy helps makes saving money effortless. When added to a browser, the lightweight extension: Automatically enters available cash-saving coupon codes across tens of thousands of retailer sites. On a participating site’s cart or checkout page, Wikibuy will test coupon codes and automatically apply the best code available. Offers loyalty credits at eBay, and thousands of other retailers, which can be redeemed for gift cards. Notifies you with a friendly, little pop-up window if an item is available cheaper elsewhere before you checkout on Amazon, Target and more. Plus, Wikibuy is completely free to use, and will never show ads or slow down your shopping experience. Last year alone, Wikibuy scoured the internet and found its millions of customers more than $70 million in savings! So start saving today. Click here to add the FREE Wikibuy browser!
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It's time for some family fun - at Shadowland Adventures in Columbia, MD or Springfield/Alexandria, VA! ShadowLand Adventures, the region's favorite indoor entertainment experience, features:  LASER TAG - Turrets, towers, bridges, elevated ramps... get ready for an adventure in an an ever-changing environment of light and sound! Challenge and avoid creatures from ancient tales, stalk through spacescapes using logic and stealth to achieve your ultimate objective! GLOW GOLF - Choose your putter and step into the distant past. The Dark Tower glow golf experience puts you in ancient castle passageways surrounded by glowing dragons, knights, cauldrons, and bubbling elixirs! Here's what to expect... 
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