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Our kids are growing up in extraordinarily challenging times -- economic and social inequality, pandemic, bullying, climate disasters -- things that adults find inconceivable. Among these global issues are the personal issues of everyday life -- 'Who am I?' 'What do I believe?' 'How do I fit in to the world?' How do we help our kids understand themselves and connect to the world around them? Start when they're young (ages 5-11), and get those conversation popping with the programs at Spiritual Playdate! The SP Basic plan helps you help your kids develop valuable life skills. You get full access to: 1 Soul Talk Topic Month (3 Sessions) Activities, Games, Music & Meditations Access to Curated Library of Children's Books Newsletters and Parenting Tips Everything you need to host your own playdate with a purpose Spiritual Playdate is a simple, contextual web-based program designed to help parents, teachers, and kids explore big, complicated subjects through a series of inclusive sessions at home, school, the library or even in houses of worship. Their program delivers no specific ideology, but encourages critical thinking and cultivates respectful, engaging discussions around complex topics. Some of their most popular topics are: Fear & Anxiety - Help your kids get some peace of mind by understanding their feelings and learning to manage their fears and anxiety Connectedness - You and your kids will explore the benefits of authentic human connection and discover its importance in a digital word. Body, Mind & Soul - Explore the elements that make us human and help your kids to find balance and self-acceptance of their very special and unique self. Gratitude - Gratitude is the Happiness Life Skill and as you and your kids play, you will learn how to expand your focus on the many gifts in your life. Golden Rule - The Golden Rule is the most universal belief that exists...uncover the wisdom that will help you create a family of Golden Rulers. Spiritual Playdate's approach will help kids develop social, emotional and spiritual life skills that will serve them throughout their lives and empower them to thrive. The earlier we start, the healthier our children will be and the future will shine brighter for our whole human family. Click HERE to claim your free year now!
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