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Principal's Hilarious Back-to-School Hamilton Parody is Everything we Need Right Now

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Photo: Skyler Rodolph on YouTube Photo: Skyler Rodolph on YouTube

When schools went virtual in the spring in response to, what we now know, was just the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, if you would have told me that my kids would still be 'logging on' to class in the fall, I would have thought you had lost your ever-loving mind. But now . . . well, we know how the story goes.

Depending on where you are in the country, your kids' first day either involves rolling out of bed to their computer or gearing up with mask and hand sanitizer to make it through a very different looking kind of school day. Whichever you're experiencing, there's an equal amount of stress and angst involved.

The principal of Ninety-One School in Oregon's Canby School District, Skyler Rodolph, totally gets what kids and parents are going through and has turned to YouTube over the past several months to bring some much-needed humor to an otherwise downright sucky situation. "Nothing about being a school principal is easy. Having fun becomes a critical component to being able to give your best each and every day. When life gets heavy, be kind and have fun!," Rodolph says in his YouTube channel description.

Rodolph's channel features things like "Epic Principal Joke Battles" and fun educational videos like a "Math on the Farm" series. But his latest video, a musical parody of King George III's "You'll be Back" performance from the smash-hit musical, Hamilton, is what has catapulted the Bulldogs' principal to viral YouTube fame.

If you've seen the original musical or the movie that was released on Disney+ this summer (who hasn't?!), then you know that King George III totally steals the show with his dead-pan, witty, comedic solos. Principal Rodolph, donning DIY royal garb (that, I must say, is a pretty darn good replica of the musical's!), performs an equally hilarious rendition of "You'll be Back".... to school that is.

In the video's description, Rodolph says, "We know you are all anxious about returning to school. Please know that we are doing all we can to provide the best instruction we can under our current circumstances. Enjoy!"

Principal Rodolph, you are literally everything us stressed out parents need right now. Let the show go on! 


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